Video Marketing is the taking the Internet content world by storm.  Short 15 – 60 second videos tied to a specific key word phrases and submitted to the various video search engines, i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, etc.

Statistics show that people conducting a search on a company, product, service, or given subject would rather view a video that describes it rather than read about it. 

One single video is just not enough.  Multiple short videos are recommended, associating each one to each of your given key word phrases.  The results are astonishing, giving that key word and the video optimum ranking within not only the video search engines but also the standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, WOW, Web Crawler, etc.  In fact you will begin seeing within a few short days, elevated rankings within the video search engines.

GlobeX also produces longer videos for commercials, product introductions, product repair manuals, sales seminars, musical videos, how to videos, etc.  But as far as effectiveness is concerned within seach engines, these types of videos, though they help, are not as effective as the short videos tied to specific key word phrases in moving your URL up in the rankings and driving traffic back to your website.

You can use Video Marketing for your business in multiple areas over the Internet:

  • On your website
  • On your landing pages
  • Facebook Page
  • Google Plus Page
  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Small Business Directory
  • Your own YouTube or Vimeo account page
  • Your blog
  • and even on local or national TV spots

Six out of ten say online video ads are more effective than the ads delivered on television.  An internet ad can gain an immediate response to a “call to action” request through the mere click of a mouse.  You have created a captured audience who has searched you out and is interested further in what you have to say.  At this point it is up to you to go ahead and close the sale.